My Meaning of Life


It’s 2014 and this is my meaning of life.

Perhaps it will change but this is where I am at.

Every moment of every day we have a choice. We have the ability to affect other people’s lives. We can make them better or worse. We can make them happy or sad.

Our ability to smile, say thank you and make someone feel better about themselves is truly one of the most amazing gifts we have as human beings.

Our choice of words, our choice of actions, these are the simplest and yet most powerful things we possess.

Right now you can walk out your front door and interact with someone and make them feel better.

You can turn to your left turn to your right and interact with someone, strike up a conversation, ask how they are and genuinely listen.

We have this ability regardless of our position in life. Regardless of our education, physical strength, talent, or financial well-being. We can change someone’s life or even simply just help them have a better day with only our words and our actions.

My meaning of life is how I choose to use this gift.